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  • Lloyd & Lisa

    As a first time dog owner, I found out immediately how much work I had ahead of me after being bombarded and overwhelmed in practically every aspect of raising and training my Cane Corso.

    After looking into various trainers and online advice guides I was swamped with different opinions and a swarm of information, my local veterinarian practice referred me to Nicole and K9X Training & Obedience as she came highly recommended.

    It honestly did not take long to be convinced after a quick in-home introduction to know she was exactly had the kind of help I was looking for as well as an extremely good understanding and love for training dogs.

    Nicole brought a very unique style of training that was very down to earth, straight forward and to the point. No questions went unanswered nor did any problems go unsolved through our puppy classes all the way to the more advanced obedience training. I found myself being trained just as much as my dog, as it was stressed how important a responsible and consistent owner was to having a well behaved and obedient dog.

    Multiple times per month we would go on group training classes which are extremely fun to do, as well as an excellent learning environment, we were able to go into real world situations with our dogs such as public areas, parks, busy outdoor shopping areas as well as use public transit to see how our dogs behaved in those environments with the comfort of having our trainer there with us to help work around any issues we had. This without a doubt was not only extremely fun and enjoyable as I got a chance to work alongside other dog owners who had similar issues to me but proved to be incredibly effective as I could see results in my dog’s behavior after our first trip downtown with the group!

    Nicole offers a fun, enjoyable training experience that I don’t think I could have found anywhere else. Every piece of advice and training instruction is explained in detail and every problem anyone in our training group ran into was solved quickly and efficiently through a wide range of methods that suited each dogs needs specifically.

    I found the experience of working with Nicole invaluable and extremely enjoyable and could not be any happier with my decision to start training with her and K9X Training & Obedience. I am the proud owner of a 1 and ½ year old Cane Corso who is incredibly well mannered, listens on and off leash, has no issues with other dogs or people and loves children and it is without a doubt all thanks to Nicole whom I recommend in the highest regards.

    Lloyd & Lisa

  • Kitty Chan

    Having been to numerous wonderful trainers and obedience classes before K9X, I have to say training with Nicole and the K9X team has really made the biggest difference in solidifying our pup’s good behaviour.

    Nicole is compassionate, very understanding of each of the dogs’ needs, and able to relay that to me, so I can work better with my dog as a team. Under her guidance, we have been able to curb unwanted behaviours and have so much fun while doing it!

    Thank you K9X for your dedication and professionalism – no doubt we will recommend you to our friends with the highest praise 🙂

  • Patricia Saxon

    “I heard about Nicole through a friend and gave her a try with my little dog Ginger.

    I like the idea of doing the training outside where the real world is, which is better for them to get use to the environment that they will have to deal with day in and day out.

    So when I got my second dog a German Shepherd, I turn again to Nicole for her training and I’m very pleased with the way both turn out and glad I can take them almost anywhere with me.

    Thank You very much.”

  • Giovanni Murga


    “K9X Training is possibly the best decision I made for my German Sheppard puppy; Leo. I waited for over 10 years to get my first puppy, and I did a lot of research for the breed, the proper breeder, and of course, the best training for Leo. At first, I thought that Petsmart was the only choice available, until I met “Rusty”, another trainee of K9X Training. I was simply mesmerized with Rusty’s training and obedience, specially around children, that I had to approach Rusty’s owner for more information about his training.

    I would have never considered private/personal training, specially because of its price, but after seeing Rusty so well trained, I simply knew that I had to give Leo the best training I could give him. After all, it is an investment for his entire life.

    Nicole was exactly what they said she was: super nice; loves dogs; super patient; approachable; kind; and the best part is how she customizes the training based on the dog’s needs. Nicole’s extensive experience with training dogs shows every time I see her handling a dog.

    I took Leo to the Vet and showed them a belly rush, and they said that it was a normal puppy phase. I took him to another Vet, and the guy wanted to rip me off with some prescriptions and treatments. I took him to Nicole from K9X Training, and she immediately knew that it was a food allergy. She recommended a new food, and within days I could see the difference in Leo’s belly. A week later, Leo was a healthy puppy once again, and I probably saved hundreds of dollars in Vet bills.

    All in all, I would highly recommend K9X Training and Nicole to anyone seeking training for their dogs. Thank you Nicole.”

  • Courtney Jean Boissineau

    I am so glad that I met Nicole and decided to train with her. She has help not just me but my pup Tucker. We brought Tucker to Nicole when he was 4 months old, she helped us with Puppy Training and now to advance training.

    I don’t think tucker would be this way if we didn’t go to her when we did; I thought I could do it myself but now that we have put so much time and effort in with Tucker and Nicole’s time, and I am very happy with it all.

    I tell people that ask about his training and where I go to anyone ! She is amazing; she’s not just a trainer to us but a friend as well ! And she makes every training class fun and exciting. She also uses the urban atmosphere to do the  training, not just in a building, and it helps so much cause anything can happen on the streets and she helps with those situations!

    When I’m out with Tucker we get compliments on how well behaved he is and it just puts a smile on my face!

    Nicole can also answer any questions you have or situations that pop up and it’s amazing cause we will work on those issues I have found the next classes! She is just amazing!

    Thank you Nicole for all your time you have put in to help me and Tucker out with our training!

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